Let's Get Caught Up!

HEY!  It's been a while, and I'm excited to share with you some of the projects I've been working on!

I'm now celebrating 18 happy months in Scottsdale and although I miss all my friends, I'm delighted I came here.


When I first arrived I was mainly working with a large client in Denver developing and managing their email marketing campaigns.

Then, when Covid shut everything down, I used the time to finish the book I'd started writing a couple years ago called Guest Room Goldmine, which is a system to help women make extra money by safely and confidently renting out the spare bedroom in their home (not Airbnb).

The book needed a Website, and since I'd been casually doing websites for myself and friends for about 10 years, I made one for the book...

Grunge Wood
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Book launch site designed to appeal to a mature female demographic. Included rich, appealing Images to evoke financial freedom, Copy was tailored to speak directly to her concerns, Testimonials, Intro to the book, a Look Inside function with sample pages, and ecommerce option for book sales.

. . .next, I retooled the book for a different audience, renaming it Save Your Home, and made a Website for that. . .

Save Your Home


This book promotion website was tailored to a Millennial family market. We gave it a hip, young feel that was supported by the copy we created. It also utilized Testimonials, eCommerce, and a Blog. The Look-Inside function enabled visitors to get a feel for the book's content.

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SYH SHOT 1.png
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. . .an Interior Designer saw my work and hired me to do a website for her business relaunch. That was Carol J. Guess & Associates, and here's the website. . .

Carol J Guess & Associates

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Screen Shot 2020-11-28 at 12.01.43 PM.pn
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This Interior Designer wanted to re-launch her business in a new city. She needed the site to reflect her sophisticated, comfortable aesthetic. We gave her that and all the elements needed to showcase her exceptional talent and credentials.

We also created a page for her to launch her new DIY business - a great way to introduce a new suite of services to her client base! This called for slightly modified branding, and an ecommerce function, where clients could order services directly from the site!

,. . .a friend hired me to make a site for his family Photography business. . .


This Photographer wanted a site that would showcase his beautiful work, and would appeal to his primary market: Soccer Moms. We gave him a site that appealed to parents, with a friendly bio, loads of work samples and clear calls to action on every page for contacting him directly.

Grunge Wood
ROB'S SITE 1.png
ROB'S SITE 3.png
ROB'S SITE 2.png

...and that's how HoldenDesign was born!

We're doing beautiful, functional Website Design and Redesign . . . and soon Podcast Design will be added to the mix!

(You're actually on the HoldenDesign website right now, and to see more click on the menu items at the top of this page)

But what If you don't need a Website?

You may not need a website, BUT you may know someone who has a small business or practice, and given the changes in the business environment post-Covid, they might be facing some challenges:

  • It's been a few years since they updated, and website styles and functionality change periodically

  • Their offering has shifted or changed

  • Their target demographic has new or different needs. (Particularly given the changes in 2020, this is important)

  • Their Brand image and messaging were created more than 2 years ago, and design sensibilities have changed post-Covid

My process is unique and results-driven with a holistic approach where we assess their vision and goals - even if they've been in business 'forever' - and connect those goals to a fresh strategy to elevate their business.

When you do think of someone, just send them to the HoldenDesign site (www.HoldenDesignTeam.com), put them in direct contact with me, and let me know! (When they hire us we'll reward you, too!)

I'll set up a 15-minute call with them to review their current online presence, talk about their vision, and see if it makes sense for us to work together.

And that's it ... you can get in touch with me below!

Cheers! - Barbra

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