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Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How does the design process work?
    It starts with a meeting via Zoom or Phone, where we go in-depth with you on how your business works, what your goals are, and any ideas you already have. This can also be done via Email. ​ Then, based on this information, we get to work creating the First Draft of your new website. ​ We'll take you through it via Zoom and get your comments, changes, ideas. ​ At that point we implement your feedback and create the Final Draft. ​ Usually we nail it, and you love your new Webslte. This is the moment where your new website goes live!
  • How long will my Website take to complete?
    Our goal is to deliver you the Website you want within a very reasonable time (usually half the time of your typical old-school coded site). ​ Your Website can be complete and live usually within 5 to 8 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the project, how quickly we receive any content we need from you, and how rapidly you're able to respond with your feedback at the First Draft and Final Draft Delivery points. Here's a breakdown of the production process steps: ​ First Draft Delivery to Client (per schedule provided by HD) - 2 to 3 Weeks 1st Client review period, receive notes/changes/tweaks (clearly, in writing, via Email) from Client – 1 Week Revisions made, Delivered to Client – 2 Weeks 2nd Client Review Period – 1 Week Final Draft website delivered, Project Complete and Published, Website goes Live – 1 Week ​ And you're ready to rock!
  • I already have a Website that I'd like to update and give a fresh look and add features to. Do you also do that?
    No problem, we do this all the time! We can do updates and migrations, whatever you need. And, from there we can edit, improve, and add any functions or aesthetics you like! ​ If you're not sure your next move, just let us know and we'll take a look at your current website, provide our recommendations, and give you an estimate!
  • Why do you recommend the Wix website development platform?
    We've designed and maintained Websites on all the popular platforms over the years, including WordPress, SquareSpace, and GoDaddy, and after all this experience, we recommend the Wix cloud-based platform. Here's why: ​ A spotless Security record - Wix has never been hacked Unlimited design and function possibilities Wix is quick and cost effective. You get a beautiful custom Website at about 75% the cost and design time Wix provides you robust back-end tools, such as CRM, Estimating, Invoicing, Recurring Billing, On-Page SEO, Social Media integration, etc. helping you manage and promote your business Has a huge App marketplace, providing massive additional functionality, many at no cost Gives you the ability to make changes on the fly yourself, if you choose! We also work in the other platforms, but it's Wix our clients choose most often!
  • What if I prefer to stay with the Wordpress platform?
    That's no problem. We're also experts in Wordpress. Just let us know that's your preference, and we'll accommodate you!
  • What if I want to make additions or changes to my Website later on?
    You may want to add a feature or function such as eCommerce, a Blog, or create additional content such as video, audio, additional images, etc. Just let us know what you'd like to do and we'll provide a cost estimate and delivery schedule. We're always here to help you!
  • Why should I choose HoldenDesign over all the other companies out there?
    At HoldenDesign we're actually a growth partner with our clients. in addition to our design and tech expertise, we'll bring business strategy, UX/UI skills, and deep knowledge of sales and marketing best practices. What this means is we'll strategize with you as to what functionality you need for your business at its current stage, providing you with a website growth plan which can scale in parallel with your business' growth.
  • What other services does HoldenDesign offer?
    The services we offer include: Copy Writing Scriptwriting and Coaching Graphic Design & Image Sourcing Branding & Logo Development Video & Audio Production and Post-Production Music Clip Sourcing eCommerce and Shopping Cart setup Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Management Email Marketing Campaigns Marketing & Business Growth Strategy
  • I've heard of websites "going down." How do I avoid that happening later on?
    Although this is rare, it can happen. Occasionally a link can break or media can disappear unexpectedly. Or, there can be software updates which take place and impact the elements of your site. We offer an annual Website Maintenance Plan, which provides assistance when the need arises. The annual cost is $150. You'll have the opportunity to opt-in to the plan as your website nears completion.
  • What are your Cancellation or Refund policies?
    Because of the general speed of our work, once we're into your project, it's costly to pull the plug, so we recommend completing the project rather than cancelling. In the event a Client finds it necessary to cancel a project after work on it has commenced, the 50% deposit paid on the project is non-refundable. In our experience, rarely do our clients cancel their projects with us. If you're concerned that you may have to cancel, let us know in advance to discuss your options.
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