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Guest Room Goldmine is a simple, time-tested and practical system for bringing in reliable extra monthly income by renting out the spare Bedroom/Bath in your home to a highly-vetted Renter, on an ongoing basis, for as long as you want.

It's NOT Airbnb. It's NOT a revolving door of strangers invading your home and your privacy.

It IS a simple, tried-and-true solution that makes total sense. And with it you can produce unlimited extra income and get real traction to achieve your financial goals.


Here's what you'll get...


  • The 85 page Guest Room Goldmine Guide (pdf) which takes you by the hand through Barbra's 3-Step system

  • The basic forms and checklists you'll need to make it a smooth process

  • Peace of mind and a high degree of confidence

Here's just a bit of what's covered for you in the Guide.


  • Pro tips for vetting applicants

  • How to write a winning ad

  • Getting clear on your "House Rules" to minimize surprises

  • Tips and scripts for super effective applicant interviews that put you in control

  • How to gracefully say 'No' to those you don't want to rent to

  • Total confidence throughout the entire process

  • ...and much, much more


To the woman, man, or family who needs it, the Guest Room Goldmine guide is worth literally thousands of dollars, not to mention the security and peace of mind knowing you've got an extra source of income coming in, month after month, for as long as you choose.

The Guest Room Goldmine System

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