Petpreneurs and Pet Care Professionals!




Your beautifully designed, professional Landing Page is essential to branding and growing your Pet Sitting, Dog Walking or other Pet Care Business!

We've made it easy and cost-effective with our Monthly Plans. Each one is customized to your Pet Care Business to provide you with the tools you need for your success!

Dogs with trainer

Platinum Package

The Platinum Package gives you the Top-Of-The-Line everything you need for your Custom Landing Page - including a Contact Form for inquiries, and a Scheduling App for Clients to book your services directly on your Landing Page!

  • Includes Everything You Need:

    • Custom URL

    • Logo, Tagline (provided by You)​

    • 3 Description Paragraphs (provided by You)

    • Your Business' Contact Info

    • Scheduler (for Clients; alerts you by email)

    • 3 Photos (provided by You); and 5 Beautiful Stock Photos tailored to your business (provided by us)

    • Testimonials

    • Contact Form (goes directly to your Email)

    • Basic SEO

$750 One-Time Design Fee
$65/Month Hosting

Gold Package

OUR MOST POPULAR PACKAGE - The Gold Package gives you everything you need for your Custom Landing Page - including a Contact Form for inquiries!

  • Includes All The Following Features:

    • Generic URL, with Your Name embedded

    • Logo, Tagline (provided by You)​

    • Your Business' Contact Info

    • 2 Description Paragraphs (provided by You)

    • 2 Photos (provided by You); and 3 Beautiful Stock Photos tailored to your business (provided by us)

    • Testimonials

    • Contact Form (goes directly to your Email)

    • Basic SEO

$500 One-Time Design Fee
$50/Month Hosting

Dog Portrait
Cat in Basket

Silver Package

The Silver Package gives you a beautiful Landing Page with the basics you'll need. Great for brand new businesses!

  • Generic URL with Business Name Embedded

  • Your Branding: Logo, Tagline

  • 1 Description Paragraph (provided by you)

  • 2 Photos (from you)

  • 2 Pet Photos from our Library

$350 One-Time Design Fee
$35/Month Hosting

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How The Process Works

1. After you've ordered your Landing Page Package:

  • You'll receive an Email from us, requesting the basic info about you and your Business to be used on your Landing Page

  • You'll fill it out with everything requested and return to us, attaching .pdf, .jpg image files and .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word) text files

  • Once we receive your complete information, we'll get started on your project!

2. You'll receive your Draft Landing Page in approximately 14 business days for you to review in detail. At that point:

  • You'll have 5 days to review your Landing Page and request any changes

3. The Final Step: It's time to secure the Hosting for your completed Landing Page. All Landing Pages or Websites require Hosting in order to be viewed by anyone online.

  • Once your Landing Page is finalized, you'll receive an Invoice to set up the Monthly Hosting Program which corresponds with your Landing Page Package.

  • Once you make the First Month's payment, your Landing Page will then be published and visible to everyone!

  • The monthly Hosting amount will then be auto-paid on a Monthly basis


  • You provide all the Text to be used in your Landing Page (or we can create it for you upon your request at $45/hour)

  • Generic URL/Domain will look like this: https://www.wix.com/(your Name or Your Company name, however you'd like it)

  • The above Plans can be upgraded to the next level at your request - simply email us

  • In addition to Hosting your Landing Page, the Monthly Hosting Service includes Monitoring/Repair of any basic site issues that may pop up

  • Additional services (Copywriting, Photos, added Functions, additional Pages, Custom Designs, etc.) not included in your package will incur an additional cost, of which you'll  be informed, and which will be quoted separately

We can also Custom Design a full 7-Page Website

with any additional Features and Functions you may need

Email us at holdendesign23@gmail.com 

and we'll give you a quote!

We build all Landing Pages using the Wix Platform (the best in the world!)

because of its robustness, security and flexibility.


All of our Landing Page packages are specially designed to fit our Clients' needs and to provide an excellent product at a below-market price. In the outside chance you change your mind on your purchase, you'll have 3 days from purchase date to request a refund on your Project.

And, because our Team works so quickly for you, we're only able to refund an amount which corresponds with the percentage of work yet to be completed on your Landing Page at the time of your refund request.

This means that if we've already completed 50% of the work on your Project, we'll be able to refund 50% of your payment amount. If 80% of the work has been completed, your refund amount will be 20%, etc.

You must inform us IMMEDIATELY by Email to holdendesign23@gmail.com.

If you're uncertain about your purchase, we recommend you take the extra time to consider before moving forward with it.

Thank you! 

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