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It's What Sets Us Apart

In our DNA you'll find a wealth of Business, Marketing and Communications Strategy expertise, which runs through everything we do. Thus our motto: Everything You Need - Nothing You Don't. Once we understand your business and growth goals, we'll map out the unique User Experience (UX) strategy that'll best help you achieve them.

Even if you've been around 'forever,' a fresh strategy can elevate your business' performance. Sometimes this means a bit of a rebrand, a pivot, or a focus adjustment, but it's always a re-energizing for your brand.

The result? All kinds of reasons for you to feel a newfound excitement and enthusiasm for your business or practice.

Grunge Wood
Business Team
Grunge Wood


The HoldenDesign Team 

We're not your typical web developers...

HoldenDesign is a Website Development Firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona. We serve clients all over the U.S. and Canada, including all Small and Medium-sized Businesses - and we’re also very effective working with Solopreneurs.

When we work with you, you'll get our full expertise as creative technologists, marketers, and business strategists to help increase traffic, generate leads, build your brand, and support all your other growth goals.

Our client list has included a wide variety of businesses, including Fortune 500, medical practices, professional associations, interior design firms, screenwriters and novelists, construction companies, an adoption agency, marketing firms, and media companies.


Barbra Holden leads the HoldenDesign team, bringing a vast array of business and creative skills in both Corporate and Entrepreneurial endeavors to the company’s skillset. Born and raised in Shaker Heights, Ohio, she was classically trained in Film Directing at UCLA Graduate Film School and the American Film Institute, spending 12 years in Hollywood as an Agent (CAA), Studio Executive, and Writer/Producer. She also served as Vice President of Business Development for large financial institutions, including Bank of America. And, her other entrepreneurial training and experiential projects have produced ground-breaking benefits for her thousands of audience members and Clients.


Each HoldenDesign project is unique and often requires a specific type of finesse. Our team is dedicated to being attentive and jovial yet thick-skinned and firm when necessary (or as we call it "aggressively friendly").

In addition to leading the HoldenDesign Team, Barbra is also a Writer, having written the how-to books Guest Room Goldmine and Save Your Home, helping homeowners produce additional passive income by renting out the spare bedroom in their home. Click the image below to check it out!