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“Barbra was a delightful surprise, surpassing anything I’d ever heard about web designers. She is smart, engaging, professional and fun. She took a real interest in my business and project and was enthusiastic about it. I look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with her!”

Dianne D., Psychiatrist

“I would like to take a moment and appreciate the amount of effort and passion you put into creating your site for the Association of Pet Professionals … I had a chance to briefly look through the website and was impressed by the professional and easy-to-navigate interface, despite the complex inner structure that you have skillfully created.”

Lina, Wix Specialist

"Barbra Holden was an answer to finding a web developer who knows my industry and knows what information is relevant and dynamic.  Besides stellar professionalism, she’s delightful [fun] to work with."

Carol Ikard, Writer

"I just logged on to your Design page. IT IS FANTASTIC!!! I had no idea how many awards and achievements you had received in your career. I have always known you are a fabulous designer but WOW! I bet you will really thrive with the amazing web site. . .I bet your (business) will sky rocket! You are amazing! Just had to let you know..."

Friend of a HoldenDesign Client (Carol J. Guess & Associates,

"Barbra and her group are incredible! They really live up to their word. They've done such a great job on our letter campaign, and the event they put on for us brought in 35 new patients in one day (!!)...I don't know how we got along before!"

Susan & Barry S., Chiropractic Practice 

“…Barbra Holden is a most capable and determined woman…driven to help where she can to share her knowledge and her very special gift of critical overview to galvanize (the) various elements.”

Austin Daze Magazine

"Barbra is the hub of the wheel that can make connections happen."

John Truby, Truby Story Structure

“When (the event) was over, rather than bolt for the door, we actually stared at our watches in disbelief that 18 hours could have passed so quickly.  We couldn’t wait to get home, review our notes, and get to work."

Austin Chronicle Magazine (describing the John Truby Screenwriting Seminar, Produced by HoldenDesign, Winner of 2004 Best of Austin Award)

“I had the pleasure and privilege of assisting Barbra in her production of the Truby Seminar that was held in Austin. In addition to her complete professionalism, her enthusiasm was so engaging that I found myself becoming very interested in the subject of the seminar-- a focus that is fairly far afield from my typical interests.” 

Paul Norris

“I am a firm believer that integrity is inherent to an individual and not something you can “turn on and off” depending on the situation.  Barbara personifies this sentiment, as she has been tireless in her business and personal pursuits while not sacrificing her personal beliefs.  But that is what I have come to expect from Barbra: enthusiasm, competency and professionalism."

Chris Shannon, Vice President, March USA Inc.

Grunge Wood

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